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Mating Ritual Toxins (Banner) on Indie Trendsetters

Mating Ritual // Toxins

The break-up of Pacific Air in mid September marked a real loss, but not all is gloomy as front-man Ryan Marshall Lawhon's new solo project, Mating Rituals, looks ultra-promising. With grandiose layers, virulence and Ryan's spot on vocals, Mating Rituals shows that what kills a band may make the indie world stronger.

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The Rural Alberta Advantage Banner on Indie Trendsetters

Rural Alberta Advantage / / On the Rocks

Although I am a bit biased being from rural Alberta, I can confidently say that I am not the only blogger who thoroughly enjoyed Rural Alberta Advantage's fuzzy guitar, sublime contrasting harmonies and their awesome, driving drum line.

Listen to "On the Rocks," learn about their upcoming music and tours, and read Taylor's fantastic review within!

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Alison Wonderland Cold Banner on Indie Trendsetters

Alison Wonderland // Cold

Alison Wonderland and Lido team up for a grimy, chilled and low break up jam. "Cold" doesn't pull any punches, from it's bass line to it's heartless lyrics. It's actually sad how much this song matches the weather here in Alberta!

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Fever Fever Hypnotized (Aftermath) Banner on Indie Trendsetters

Fever Fever // Hypnotized

The second month after I started Indie Trendsetters I featured a fascinating and enchanting band called Fever Fever. We have kept track of them and today Taylor has written a smashing review on Fever Fever's new song, Hypnotized. Sporting an alt-rock typical sound with a bit of their folk past, their new song will made you glad you visited us today!

Learn about their new album and read the wonderful review within!

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Young Rising Sons High Banner on Indie Trendsetters

Young Rising Sons – Artist of the Week

Young Rising Sons have a positive attitude that cannot be subdued and the talent to drive it home with every. single. song. They share similarities to Air Traffic Controller, American Authors, Twin Forks and a few other top-shelf indie bands and have an ample amount of energy and upbeat rhythms. There really isn't anything holding these guys back!

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Lyonn Interview Banner on Indie Trendsetters

World-Traveler Turned Musician // An Interview with Lyonn

Tyler Gelrud (Lyonn) is a travel enthusiast, hopeless romantic, and an alternative singer/songwriter. His melodic, acoustic tunes speak to the realities of love and life. Read all about his experience travelling, his complicated (possibly unrequited) relationship with Emma Watson and more!

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New Author // Taylor Ysteboe (Welcome to My World)

Introducing our newest Trendsetter, Taylor Ysteboe. Hailing from the music epicentre of Knoxville, she has a wide musical taste and a passion for sharing it!
Learn all about her and check out her playlist of favorite gems inside.

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RHODES Breathe Banner on Indie Trendsetters

RHODES // Artist of the Week [Includes New Single Breathe]

RHODES is sure satisfy any fan of indie, ambient or alternative music. His vocals are unearthly in their sheer quality and the rest - you need to hear to believe. If you listen to RHODES, (in the words of Pedro) all your wildest dreams will come true.

Includes his brand new single, "Breathe."

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