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Zella Day // Hypnotic [Vanic Remix]

Zella Day - Hypnotic [Vanic Remix] banner on Indie TrendsettersZella Day - Hypnotic [Vanic Remix] banner on Indie Trendsetters

Zella Day is an outstanding up and coming female indie pop artist, & has created some prime material for producers to work with. Check out Vanic's mysterious & masterful remix of her latest song, "Hypnotized." Listen to the original & get a link to free music by clicking through to the SoundBite.

Wonder Wonder // Shark [Illenium Remix]

Wonder Wonder - Shark [Illenium Remix] banner on Indie Trendsetters

Wonder Wonder's ambient tune "Shark" gets the premium Illenium treatment, and you win because of it! Listen to the chillwave/melodic dub rework that shatters current electro trends by tossing aside whats "in style" or "out of style" and going with what feels good.

Wildcat! Wildcat! // Hero

Wildcat! Wildcat! Hero banner on Indie Trendsetters

Wildcat! Wildcat! brings in a singable, punchy tune with a heavy backdrop of synths for their "No Moon At All" album. The song is called "Hero" and it's everything you expected out of a synth pop band with two exclamation marks in their name.

Machineheart // Circles [+Vanic Remix]

Machineheart Circles (+Vanic Remix) banner on Indie Trendsetters

Machineheart has been trending in some circles, especially since Vanic dominated his remix of their song "Circles." Their fun brand of indie pop is instantly likeable. See what all the fuss is about and listen to both the original and the remix within.

Black Coast // TRNDSTTR

Black Coast TRNDSTTR banner on Indie Trendsetters

Black Coast is Stan Rapoport's (Prinze George) new solo project. His debut, TRNDSTTR, is a brainchild with the NYC poet/songwriter M. Maggie. Besides the great name (we like to think it was after the blog), the music is phenomenal, poetic, rhythmic, smooth, and sexy. It's undeniable. Introducing Black Coast!

Cereus Bright / / Winds of Change

Cereus Bright Winds of Change banner on Indie Trendsetters

If you like The Avett Brothers, The Dirty Guv’nahs, Houndmouth or Brown Bird you'll love Cereus Bright's "Winds of Change."
A clever tune with dashes of folk, blues, country and roots, this has is a very southern home-town concert feel.

Vaults // Vultures

Vaults - Vultures [banner] on Indie Trendsetters

Vultures is one of those wonderful surprises you come to expect from premium artists like Vaults.

With breathtakingly stunning visual and auditory components, Vultures is an experience that leaves a mark.

Johnny Stimson / / OBSESSION

Johnny Stimson OBSESSION [banner] on Indie Trendsetters

Johnny Stimson is fearless. He's also funky, fresh, soulful and just a tad dramatic. That's why we love him. But what's more he has some seriously jamming beats and jazzy synths.

Enjoy this serenade on us!