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Vaults // Vultures

Vaults - Vultures [banner] on Indie Trendsetters

Vultures is one of those wonderful surprises you come to expect from premium artists like Vaults.

With breathtakingly stunning visual and auditory components, Vultures is an experience that leaves a mark.

Johnny Stimson / / OBSESSION

Johnny Stimson OBSESSION [banner] on Indie Trendsetters

Johnny Stimson is fearless. He's also funky, fresh, soulful and just a tad dramatic. That's why we love him. But what's more he has some seriously jamming beats and jazzy synths.

Enjoy this serenade on us!

Brick + Mortar // Hollow Tune

Brick + Mortar Hollow Tune Banner On Indie Trendsetters

Brick + Mortar take our breath away with this premium specimen of alternative rock. Hollow Tune is snappy, catchy and (in a bit of irony) full of substance.

Hollow Tune easily slides into my top 5 releases this year.

Matthew Mole / / Artist of the Week

Matthew Mole [banner] On Indie Trendsetters

Matthew Mole is from South Africa. He consistently demonstrates a mastery over auditory substance, creating folk/pop tunes that are sure to trigger Dopamine release. With a (frankly) adorable accent, an affinity for galloping beats and earthy instruments you won't regret checking him out!

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness / / Cecilia and the Satellite

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - Cecilia and the Satellite (banner) on Indie Trendsetters

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness sings to his daughter Cecilia of his transition from recklessness to responsibility with soaring background vocals and powerful synths to back him up.
Between you and me - It's a definite must hear

Highlights from ODESZA’s “Say My Name” Remix Contest [+Free Downloads]

Odesza In Return Remix Contest banner on Indie Trendsetters

ODESZA's Say My Name remix contest has turned the independent production world on it's head, with tens & tens of amazing producers submitting their work.
Try a few of our favorites! [+ Free Downloads]

JUDE. // Can’t Breath

JUDE. Can't Breathe Banner on Indie Trendsetters

JUDE. returns with more butt-kicking minimalist music, this time as a teaser for their Bedroom EP. Spacious, ambient, intimate, simple, it's all here in "Can't Breathe."
So take a break, relax, and have the feels for 3 minutes and 24 seconds.

Sunset Sons // She Wants

Sunset Sons - She Wants (banner) on Indie Trendsetters

Fueled by shredding waves on their surfboards, french food and long enough hair to make your hippie friend jealous, Sunset Sons kills it with their solid jam, "She Wants."
This song was even good enough to inspire one of my favorite sentences of my blogging career!