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New Author // Taylor Ysteboe (Welcome to My World)

Introducing our newest Trendsetter, Taylor Ysteboe. Hailing from the music epicentre of Knoxville, she has a wide musical taste and a passion for sharing it!
Learn all about her and check out her playlist of favorite gems inside.

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RHODES Breathe Banner on Indie Trendsetters

RHODES // Artist of the Week [Includes New Single Breathe]

RHODES is sure satisfy any fan of indie, ambient or alternative music. His vocals are unearthly in their sheer quality and the rest - you need to hear to believe. If you listen to RHODES, (in the words of Pedro) all your wildest dreams will come true.

Includes his brand new single, "Breathe."

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Air Traffic Controller The House banner on Indie Trendsetters

Air Traffic Controller // Artist of the Week

Enter the undeniably catchy, vastly underrated, upbeat, and creative indie rock storytellers - Air Traffic Controller.We have raved about them on Independent Gentlemen a few times and played them on our own iPods an embarrassing amount.
Catch the sensation inside the article, including their brand new tune about growing up in the house on the block that all the kids played in their brand new song titled "The House."

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Lane 8 Bipolar Sunshine I Got What You Need (Every Night) Banner on Indie Trendsetters

Lane 8 // I Got What You Need (ft. Bipolar Sunshine)

Lane 8 reworks his song "Every Night" to include some sick vocals from the amazing Bipolar Sunshine. Slick as snow, "I Got What You Need" goes down the hatch like milk and honey.
Includes a dapper analysis and the Lane 8 original song.

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Ninth Floor Mannequin banner On Indie Trendsetters

Ninth Floor Mannequin // Lines Advancing

Ninth Floor Mannequin is the result of a whirlwind of unfinished ideas put together after an 11 day coma. Jarrod Pedone is the man behind the band, and we find his song "Lines Advancing" to be Nostalgic and thought provoking. It's worth delving into!
Our SoundBite includes a Free Download of "Lines Advancing."

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Golden Coast Break My Fall banner on Indie Trendsetters

Golden Coast // Break My Fall (With Remix)

Golden Coast is a stupendous dream/synth pop duo made up of the incredibly talented Denny White and Steven Mudd. Listen to their debut song "Break My Fall." Being Denny White fans we couldn't be happier for this cheery, hook-heavy, delight-sum new project! Free download link in the SoundBite.
Includes the Rainer and Grimm Remix

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Zhu Faded (Odesza Remix) banner on Indie Trendsetters

ZHU // Faded (ODESZA Remix)

We've heard and celebrated ODESZA'stalent before here on Indie Trendsetters, and here is one of their newest releases. ZHU - Faded (ODESZA Remix) is a real world-wonder class jam, with elements of deep house and ZHU's hypnotic voice cracking this one out of the park. No wonder it has climbed to the middle of my most played list in only a weeks time!

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Indie Trendsetters Summer Playlist Banner 2014

Indie Music // Summer Playlist 2014

Like Calvin/Hobbs, concerts/friends, and burgers/fries, we never could imagine summer without indie music. This is our second annual summer Soundlist, where we save 20+ of our outstanding indie finds with that heatwave vibe for one purpose - making your summer complete! Enjoy!

Featuring // Parade of Lights // Bronze Whale // Vacationer // and more!

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