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Ásgeir Going Home (Heimförin) Banner on Indie Trendsetters

Ásgeir – Going Home (Heimförin)

Ásgeir's "Going Home" is an incredible demonstration of Icelandic Folktronica. It will cocoon you in it's ambience and intrigue you with it's mystery. It's familiar at times and almost paranormal in others. Read the SoundBite to hear this incredible piece in Ásgeir's mother tongue.

Artists Similar to Ásgeir: She the Monster, Gungor, RHODES, James Vincent McMorrow Indie Minimalist Folktronica

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The Oh Hellos Banner on Indie Trendsetters

The Oh Hellos – Like the Dawn

Like the Dawn, this song by The Oh Hellos wakes as time progresses. Near the end you can almost imagine, in a beautiful display of chromesthesia, a red sunrise of music shining over the horizon.

Artists Similar to The Oh Hellos: The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, Los Campesinos! Sons of the East, Bronze Radio Return, Jay Woodward, Indie Folk Rock

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Treispe Cuvinte - Revo banner on Indie Trendsetters

Treispe Cuvinte – Revo

Treispe Cuvinte is a brand new, still undiscovered Romanian band who will surprise with how effortlessly they wow you. Comparable to Bastille & The 1975, these folks have a promising future ahead of them. We have become pen pals with the good people at Treispe Cuvinte, so stay tuned for regular updates as these guys break out!

Artists Similar to Treispe Cuvinte: Bastille, The 1975, Grouplove, Banks, Indie Alternative Rock/Pop

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Powers Money Gimme Some Banner on Indie Trendsetters

POWERS (The Band) – Artist of the Week

POWERS is an epically underrated, seemingly ungooglable band. They are the sweet nectar of indie music: entirely mysterious, dark and upbeat, twice as addicting as Lays chips and almost as addicting as that Chex mix ”Puppy Chow” treat.

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Artists Similar to POWERS: NONONO, Prinze George, Gungor, Until the Ribbon Breaks, Indie Alternative Pop

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Prinze George - This Time Banner on Indie Trendsetters

Prinze George – This Time – Victor

Prinze George, a splendid treat if you would like a bold, synth laden song with vocals reminiscent of Lana Del Rey. Prinze George earns every repeat! Read the Soundbite if you want to grab ahold of these guys before they blow up.

If you like: Black Light Dinner Party, Lana Del Rey, Kyla la Grange, Banks, MS MR Indie Electronica.

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Say Lou Lou Everything We Touch banner on Indie TrendsettersSay Lou Lou Everything We Touch banner on Indie Trendsetters

Say Lou Lou – Everything We Touch

Say Lou Lou is the Swedish/Australian twin sister duo that is taking their own part of the indie scene by storm. Known for fashion and killer music, their dream pop is bar none. Say Lou Lou is a great find for any serious music lover!

Artists Similar to Say Lou Lou: Purity Ring, Misterwives, Grimes, POWERS, Indie Dream-Pop

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