Hey there traveler, I’m happy you dropped by our humble corner of the internet. My name is Justin Stanford, I founded Indie Trendsetters three years ago and have acted as the main writer, graphic designer, web designer, social media manager, and editor in chief ever since. (Find out more about me when I get around to writing a Bio). I would adopt indie music as my child, if I could, I love it so much. Seriously, I fan-girl over the undiscovered bands, the up and coming genres, new sounds and feelings, and the new musical ways of thinking that all come with indie music. It’s all so amazing.

We here are addicted to the rush of sharing and connecting with other music fans, which is why we are doing this. We want you to find music to be passionate about. If you’re sad, we want to give you music that makes you happy, if you’re stagnant we want to give you music that gives you the chills and gets you moving. We want to give you music you can relate to, fall in love with, woo someone with, in short, we want to give you music for your life. Because that is how we interact with music every day.


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