Apollo LTD // Modern Love [+Debut EP]


Enter Apollo LTD, a prime example of modern alt-rock. They’re “hook heavy,” most bloggers would say, which is a bit of a gross understatement. Their debut EP is one giant hook, a grand exercise in how many ways an artist can get a riff stuck in your head. You’ll hear many recognizable elements in the Apollo LTD project that are reminiscent of several popular alt-rockers, including AWOLNATION, Imagine Dragons, Capitol Cities, and New Politics. It’s a style that works: combine booming percussion, high flying vocals and just a dash of social commentary, then fuzz the whole thing over. Mind you, it isn’t just a pastiche of reruns and old tropes; their EP has a liberal handful of it’s own virtues that make it a valuable addition to any alt-rock collection.

Apollo LTD’s debut EP unequivocally fills their promise for “all hits, no filler.” It hits hard and takes names; consequently, you are living on the edge if you aren’t strapped in by “We Run the Night.” Fair warning, only listen to it all the way through if you are prepared for to have a noticeably elevated heart rate for a quarter of an hour.

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