Appleby // Castles


Let me give you an idea of just how hot this track is. I actively filter against Hip-Hop and Rap, and am extremely picky about my R&B. It’s 2016, I know, and I’ve tried to get into these genres while bloggers around me eat them up. I’ve just been immune to the magic of it all.

This track has totally changed my attitude. It’s produced by Elias Abid and preformed by Appleby, an artist who has hid his face in every picture and used his mother’s maiden name for a moniker. It also is instantly gravitating. Appleby harnessed an inexplicably rhythm in his verses with effortlessly intelligent rhymes and pop culture references with all they syllables lined up just so. Everything else is a deep down-tempo groove that channels fluttering xylophone and a wonderful commentary about the danger of attaching happiness comes with the unrealistically luxuriously lifestyles set by media.

I’ll be here listening to this all day.

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