Argonaut & Wasp // The Sneeze


Argonaut & Wasp, I’m sure now, is an anagram for “most interesting band in the world.” Not really, but this title could still be placed in vinyl on the door to their dingy Private Eye suite (if they had one) thanks to a whole lot of personality and just a little embellishment. Argonaut (Theo Klein) is known for his love of chocolate milk and the finest cigarettes and Wasp (Trey Schibli) is rumored to have killed 6 or 7 men for snoring according to their video for “Pistol Pump Funk.” Their interests also include long walks on the boulevard, cranberry juice, and several other Tinder worthy pursuits.

The rest of the crew don’t go by cool names (Alec Donkin, Adam November, and Chris Corsico) but together they give funk a fresh new take, one that I think you will  absolutely enjoy. Every Argonaut & Wasp track is so full of funk, spunk, personality and charisma that they no longer deserve to be “on point.” They are the point.

“The Sneeze” is no exception. Keeping things interesting with a two-toned structure it switches between a more cinematic, rock-inspired theme (complete with guitar solo) to a skipping, tropical funk. But be warned, only listen if you are willing to pay your repeat button serious overtime.


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