AUÐUR // South America


Sometimes when I’m trying to decide who to post with my limited time I can be very unsystematic. Its like a game of darts, I just throw a bunch of ideas at my heart and see which one sticks. In this case, AUÐUR stuck – deep.

The unsigned Icelandic native promenades the sensational minimalist/alternative sound that is breeding in his country (See Asgeir), a trend that I can only hope picks up traction here in the Americas. His exciting internet debut track, “South America,” reins with spectacular simplicity, tantalizing the listener with crashing waves of synth and brazen, dripping vocals. Really, not enough can be said about how seductive (in the truest sense of the word) this song is. The nonabrasive exterior of “South America” slips past every mental defense, stroking the mind with silk, myrrh, and the occasional hit of  rich bass.

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