Autograf // Metaphysical


Autograf is a Chicago dance-trio who has recently taken to pairing surrealist art with electronic music. It’s a very contemporary approach, and while it is¬†not unheard of, Autograf’s work seems to pop out at me as a premium example of pairing visual and auditory mediums.

Right now my favourite of theirs is “Metaphysical,” which pairs a portrait of Twiggy (a pop-icon known best for challenging societal norms) with a superb specimen of the newly popularized tropical house genre. The amazing vocalist, Janelle Kroll seems right at home in her voice,¬†making sharp, ear-catching note changes in every verse as the alluring instrumentals play on.

The music radiates greatness, but beneath the music we find its… nucleus. All Nacho Libre aside, this song has an alluring core of beautifully coy and enigmatic lyrics. I think the words speak to an individual who is hurt by their love interest’s inability to love them back. They pine to find the place where the other individual loves, saying if that individual could only give up where their love resides, they would transcend themselves and become something else entirely.

What do you think?


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