BLAJK // Hamptons [MSCLS Remix]


Remember the Toronto-based five piece BLAJK from a few weeks ago? I told my readers to keep close track of them, and that’s just what I’m going to do. This week we get the final product of Austin producer MSCLS getting his hands on their single “Hamptons.” (And trust me, we are better off for it).

Utilizing the lower register like he was born there, MSCLS masterfully crafts a thumping ride for our auditory pleasure. By also speeding up the tempo he accentuates one of my favourite aspects of this song, ie when Jordan Radics puts on the overdrive to produce short bursts of rapid lyrics. Combine these two stupendous elements with a few catchy, blinking tron-esque synth lines and you have a prime Friday kick-off tune. A plus plus plus!


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