Bonnie x Clyde // Why Do I


Clean breaks, fresh drops and crystal vocals, that’s Bonnie X Clyde’s style.

Their endgame is to make 2016 their year. This┬áconfidence isn’t fluff either; they have the musical chops for the takeover, plus they have already garnered the support of several taste makers and landed gigs main stage at more than one festival.

What I love about “Why I Do” is the sharp focus and intensity of the music. Nothing is muddled together, from the altered vocal tracks to the click-drop. Every beat and note is distinct. Their unity and ability as a writing pair is evident as well, with some killer riffs, unique elements and a few risks that totally paid off. With this much precision and unity, it’s not hard to see their potential. Even in the virtual sea of talented new electronic alternative duos. Enjoy!

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