BUNT. // Coming Home [feat. Sons of the East]


We hold the prestigious title of being the first to interview the inexplicably talented Sons of the East, and now I am proud to feature their latest project by BUNT., a German duo and masters of the very unique house-folk genre.

Thanks to BUNT.’s knack for modernizing vintage aesthetics, the Sons of the East’s normal propensity for gentle banjo anthems has been cranked way past 11. The modernization is one of my favourite parts of this spectacularly energetic tune. Not only have the guys behind “Coming Home” brought fiddles, banjos and barn-razing vocals into the electronic-dominated 2016, but I believe they’ve also created an opportunity for prog-folk to evolve past it’s faded glory days of a few years ago. In 2013 you couldn’t throw a harmonica without hitting a prog-folk artist, but as the trend faded and people like me wandered from the genre a lot of artists disappeared.

This song represents these artists taking this opportunity to reinvent and evolve an aesthetic that they are very passionate about. Enjoy!

Bunt. // Facebook     Sons of the East // Facebook

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