Cruel Youth // Diamond Days


Teddy Sinclair is Cruel Youth, a rebellious yet prestigious sounding musical personality with a intensely dramatic past to match her striking aesthetic.

Teddy began as a practically homeless, shoplifting teenage artist with a convicted drug trafficker as a parent, but she built her own life with her husband Willy Moon (who co-writes with her). Eventually she rose to stardom as Natalia Kills, which all ended following some explosive drama stirred up during a stint as a judge on X-factor. Cruel Youth was born from the rubble as she split from Interscope in order to more freely express whatever emotions came during the aftermath. (A more detailed story can be found on her FB page).

“Diamond Days” reflects over the loss of a popular and rich lifestyle with somber finality. We would like to see the innovation this kind of talent could bolster with a no-strings approach to song-writing. Enjoy!

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