David Vertesi // Loud Talker [New Video]


Vacouver’s daring David Vertesi’s “Sad Dad Cruise Ship” is out now, and it’s a lot more … somber? than I was originally expecting.

Don’t know why this was my expectation, given it’s title. This is not to say the album isn’t an excellent find, from the instant classic “Forever Young” to the haunting “Loud Talker.” I noticed a distinct (and this is the best way I can describe it) western je ne sais quoi through this one. Perhaps its the ghostly whistling, the saloon piano or the rich lone-gunman vocals, but it just has that dash of western feel. I love it!

I have some huge respect for the video here. The heavy contrasts between light and dark, the many-directional lighting and David’s thoughtful expressions accentuate the deeply pensive lyrics. Enjoy!

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