The Electric Sons // Golden Age EP


Hey Trendsetters! Today I am happy to say we are sharing The Electric Sons’ newest EP. So many people have thanked me for introducing them to this band, and if you haven’t heard them before you’re about to learn why!

Every day that goes by I wake up in a cold sweat wondering why these guys aren’t way more popular than they are. So before my feet hit the ground I have to shrug my shoulders and reassure myself that their time will come. They are just the funnest guys to chat with as we found out during our interview (which we will restore and re-post very soon). But even better they make some incredible indie pop. Their stuff has an A-list sound, singing synths, upbeat percussion and a general feel that makes the happiness swell up in my chest and explode out my face (too graphic? Maybe…)

Their Golden Age EP is simply stellar. It has hints of alt-pop legends Coldplay, Owl City and Purity Ring, but at it’s core it is definitely The Electric Sons’ EP, brimming with their signature personalities and writing styles. It also features some goosebump- inducing surprises. “Reappear” has the incredible talent of Scavenger hunt, “Golden Age” is a skippingly bright tune, and “Japanese Ceremonial Tea” is a picturesque interlude, made up of a profound speech by philosopher Alan Watts (Entitled “Conversation with Myself”) with a mellow beat and tune. Going on with your life without The Electric Sons would be like saying no to a million dollars every time you walk out your door. You’ve been warned.

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