et aliae // Sober (feat. DAWN)


I just wanted to take a moment of your time to give you my favourite track from et aliae’s strikingly¬†pink and otherworldly “Rose EP.”

The work of et aliae (which translates to “and other” from latin) is an example of how the genius from the classical era is still current. Taken by the elegance and complex wonderworld created by Bach, and the strikingly emotive yet minimalist melodies¬†of Chopin, her imagination grew and blossomed into a rich contemporary soundset.

“Sober” somehow holds onto a certain whimsical and feminine personality despite DAWN’s rich and dramatic vocals. Maybe it’s the mystic synths or the blurred choir background vocals. If you can’t get enough check out her remix of our other favourite darling, Anna of the North. Enjoy!

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