EZA // We Keep The Lights Out


In all my years, EZA has always been one of the top few artists who have really exemplified what Indie Trendsetters has tried to stand for. She is unique, not just because of her synesthetic perspective on music, but because she combines that perspective with a masterful grasp on her own brand of noir alternative music, complete with supremely innovative beats, vocals fit for a siren, and an otherworldly grasp on the concept of “flow.”

“We Keep the Lights Out” is probably the quintessential example of what I have just been raving about. Proof that EZA is only getting started, it spearheads an exciting upward trajectory. A full bodied, rich set with mesmerizing capabilities, her lyrics become very self-descriptive. “You are the liquor, the beat,” she sings – and we sing it back.


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