Flora Cash // Can Summer Love Last Forever?


Cole and Shpresa’s relationship is the ongoing, evolving answer to their LP’s almost rhetorical question, “can summer love last forever?”

Their beautiful love story starts (at a very artistic level) when they heard each other’s work on Soundcloud and became mutually enamored. After Shpresa flew to visit Cole in Minneapolis for two summer months they returned together to her hometown in Stockholm, but now as a full-fledged couple. Maybe it’s this almost whirlwind fairy-tale backdrop that gives Flora Cash their unique perspective. It makes sense, for example, the single “Pharaoh” speaks to “the realization that the person that you know best in the world also happens to be someone you don’t really know at all” and the feelings of disillusionment that come with that idea.

I love “Can Summer Love Last Forever?” as a singularity of modern folk. Every single song is like a child, each boasting their very own resplendent, otherworldly je ne sais quoi; each born into a promising new pedigree full of talent, texture and love. I can promise you’ll hear folk like you’ve never heard it before in this album. Enjoy!

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