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You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a woman jam out on an accordion. I chanced upon the pop folk duo, Fortunate Ones, one week and the next week after that Justin and I had the opportunity to see them play at a tiny lounge downtown; Catherine going to town with her accordion and Andrew working his magic with his guitar. It was thefortunate ones perfect authentic indie experience!

This song is especially special to me. It is the first song you turn on after you have packed your car and are leaving home to pursue your crazy dreams, or after you have quit your dead end job and are walking away with a vision of where you want to go… or maybe no vision at all, you just know that you can do better and you plan to do just that. If you need inspiration, motivation, or encouragement when facing a difficult decision, listen to the lyrics of this song and get lost in the wandering melody of Fortunate Ones’ Wherever You Go. You’ll feel better, I promise.


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