FRAUDS // Playelle


Another day, another strong startup! FRAUDS are the super genuine (ironically, given their chosen moniker), synth drenched French trio who have everything a modern electro-pop group could ask for in the talent department.

These three know vocals. The far off female/male pair switch back and forth in a beautiful exchange while the synths build and swirl in a precise ballet of instruments. Which is to say, they also know their way around a midi controller. The production is really flawless actually, each decision is intuitive and executed with precision.

The lyrical content isn’t new, as it focuses on two individual’s perspectives through the act of cutting emotional ties. But what I love is the wording they use. They paint a vivid scene where you can sense the tension, the loneliness and the cohabitation of both the urge to leave and the desire to stay. Enjoy!

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