Freedom Fry – Shaky Ground [Urban Contact Remix]


If you are searching for happy vibes today or maybe the endorphine-pushing sound of sweet, sweet sax — you have arrived at your destination. Urban Contact has never been better (which is saying a lot) than they are in this true indie gem. Their skipping beat, creative re-editing and the aforementioned mondo-sexy saxophone solo is something you really can’t beat.

So let’s talk about Freedom Fry. You can’t have a remix this fresh without serious talent to work with. Freedom Fry is a French/American duo who came up with the hilariously satirical name from the American/French state of public affairs during the Iraq war. Clever and politically aware – just how I like my bands!

The now married couple have had some serious accolades, appearing number one on Hype Machine, catching the ear of a few celebrities and even appearing on my families’ guilty pleasure (Greys Anatomy). I love their work, and may I just say: if you want to say you heard these Freedom Fry before they were cool, better catch them now!

Freedom Fry // Facebook // Twitter

Urban Contact // Facebook // Twitter



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