Imad Royal // Troubles


Imad Royal is like one of those ridiculous kids who can try anything for the first time and come up with something spectacular – on their first try no less. Ditching his old moniker (Royal) for Imad Royal, his one-man choir vocals for rap-sing, and his flowing synths for drum and bass in his newest, mega-slick single “Troubles,” this artist seems to fit in any new skin he chooses.

“Troubles” comes after “Queen of France,” another song that diverges from the style of his previous “Cycles” EP and its flagship single “Passenger.” I would like to see his new trend continue of skipping through musical styles. I’m an eclectic kind of man, and not knowing what you are going to get is kind of exciting in its own right. Follow the talented Imad Royal on his future adventures with the social media links below, you’ll be grateful you did.


Imad Royal // Facebook // Twitter



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