Jordan Klassen /// Javelin


Javelin is Jordan Klassen’s record of the lessons he has learned from his past and a hopeful look at the hardships he has already been through or is working through presently.  Winding through the tracks of Javelin are many elements of his previous albums. More prominent than his old sound, however, is the New Age sound that he builds most of his new pieces on. This is especially noticeable in the Celtic beats of “Light in the Evening.”

Somehow Klassen has perfectly merged the raw beauty of orchestral and synthetic instruments; Baby Moses being a perfect example of the combination of the two.

From the complex and catchy beats in “Gargoyles” to the simplistic ballads like “We Got Married,” Jordan Klassen has weaved his mesmerizing voice throughout, adding a level of intricacy that is unique to this tapestry of an album.

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