Karó // Silhouette, Wolfbaby


Karó is the Bolungarvík (Iceland) artist responsible for the clean, coordinated edges and rare vocals that make up the very engaging “Silhouette” and “Wolfbaby”

Apart from her tremendous vocal control, Karó also the advantage of working with talented Icelandic producer Logi Pedro. He seems to understand her rare vocal aesthetic and frames it perfectly with some very punctuated, memorable arrangements.

The remote, quaint fishing village that she has roots in is rich with Icelandic lore. According to legend, two ancient sorcerers, a brother and a sister, had an angry conflict. This naturally led to each of them cursing each other. He became a nearby pillar and she was made to stand in a place with the most wind. The pillar actually sank into the sea in the thirties, which according to lore was the same night the sister washed away in the sea as well. But I digress. Enjoy!

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