[First Listen] Katie McBride // Everybody’s Here


“Everybody’s Here” starts with a guitar riff. The same riff that Katie McBride from Toronto obsessed over for two months, she tells The FaderAnd what a riff to be obsessed over, it’s breathtakingly ethereal until the final notes, when its dissonant tail tells us what we may have felt deep down all along; that this song is just as much about the moments of strife and descent as it is about the times we flourish. And in reality, the most beautiful moments are made even more brilliant by the dark times contrasting them.

Contrary to the popular belief that a hook has to be made of ear-pleasing chords, this tail is what really engages and snares the listener.

Katie McBride’s secong EP, titled 08251, is out March 8th. If the rest of her EP is as good as “Everybody’s Here,” than I think we can expect a breakout from her in the coming years, hopefully sooner. At the very least, we will be obsessing over it for a lot longer than two months. Enjoy!

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