Kiri Tse // Twenty-Something [Lucian Remix]


One of the brilliant things about having your ear to the ground as an indie blogger is that you see some inexplicably incredible talent pop (seemingly) out of nowhere. I’m not talking about Lucian in this case, even though we have known about that goldmine of producing talent for a while and I am personally a bit of a fanatic. (Especially after Lucians huge rework of Black Coast’s “TRNDSTTR”)

I am mostly speaking about Kiri Tse. She is a Hong Kong born, Massachusetts based singer/songwriter who didn’t yet have her due exposure, despite laying out some fresh, downtempo EDM. Thanks to the support of Lucian, now we know. And we are better for it.

The combo of Lucian’s midas production and Kiri crystal vocals is somehow magical. The pauses are perfect, the background vocals are brilliantly altered and Kiri wraps it all in a beautiful bow. If you are hanging out in a sushi shop in close proximity to Berklee and you see Kiri give her our best regards and tell her we hope she has a future as bright as her potential.

Lucian // Facebook // Twitter

Kiri Tse // Facebook // Twitter


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