Krrum // Evil Twin (+ More)


The artist from Leeds known as Krrum is sweeping me off my feet with his brass-heavy “Evil Twin.”

The introductory quasi-marching band loop quickly becomes a mind-drug, pushing every right button in your brain in rapid succession. It’s a bit off-kilter, but with this novelty it becomes even more potent. Which means you’ll be trying to find an adequate way to hum it as it bounces around in your mind hours after listening.

His whole discography is quite alluring, and in it (away from the odd romance of “Evil Twin’s” addictive loop) I discovered the charming merit of Krrum’s vocals. Sometimes his vocals are smooth, complimenting the brass-like motif he seems to favor. Other times, with some wind behind his pipes, the rasp of his voice resembles the rumble of the instruments.

Altogether his portfolio is a rare and diverse beauty, a surreal world of living collages, inspired riffs and baited hooks. We have high hopes for him. Enjoy!


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