Leisure Suite // Shame


The jokes have all been made: “Leisure Suite’s music is very leisurely,” etc. etc. Well despite the fact that their newest song, “Shame” fits like wearing a pair of broken-in satin pajamas in a New York loft on a down-tempo Sunday,* I am refraining from using the word “leisure” when describing their music.

But I will say that if you need to take a brief, yet relaxing intermission from life, then “Shame” is a dose of suite relief.

What you are listening to now is a class A example of silken vocals, tapping synths and an ever-present, casual bass line. It’s part of a plan to gear up for their new “Lay Low” EPwhich is a splendid arrangement of similar themes. Enjoy!

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*I have never actually experienced wearing broken-in satin pajamas in a New York loft on a Sunday*

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