Lilly Black \\ Wild Things


Hazy ripples of sound caress a lush rhythm, laying the foundation for Wild Things by Lilly Black.

The listener is bewitched by Lilly’s hypnotic voice as she takes over the song. Wild Things is Lilly’s lullaby to those that deal with different nightmares in life and need a bit of motivation to do what makes them happy despite cynics. She urges the listener to take ownership of their situation, make the best out of it, and take action to lift the spirit. Wild Things is a fresh piece of future soul art that deserves some serious attention. I hope you all enjoy this song as much as I do, and heed Lilly Black’s plea to be a wild thing and press past your anxieties with your head held high!

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  1. Very unique you don’t hear individuals trying to be different anymore I feel that she is not scared to be how do you say DIFFERENT !!!

    • Yeah I totally agree, thanks for backing me up on that! I think we need a lot more of that attitude in the music industry.

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