Liyv \\ Splintered Arms


Olivia, now known as Liyv, has blossomed with her beautiful and delicate treat, “Splintered Arms”. Olivia told us that “Liyv” came about as a nickname her boyfriend gave her. Under this sobriquet, Olivia felt a sense of confidence and mystery. She wants her listeners to experience this feeling through her character, Liyv. With such a creative perspective, it’s no wonder that her music is so idiosyncratic.

“Splintered Arms” is the fourth song from her “One Song a Month” project. It’s a mastery of minimal pop that leaves us hanging on every note. She holds a gentle authority over listeners as she captivates them with her stirring lyrics and undertones of vocal sampling. She’s sure to be a sensation in the coming years with her completely unique and alluring sound. I hope you love her as much as we do!

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