Liza Anne // Room


Music has the uncanny power to cast a striking image in our minds. Perhaps it even fills us with warmth.

These two qualities combined when I heard Liza Anne’s yearning ballad, “Room.” I imagined a crackling bonfire on a frosty evening. Though the wind may whip this way and that, the bonfire remains strong. In the same way, this Nashville artist’s voice burns with a quiet intensity. Though the song is about when your significant other thoughts are wrapped up in someone else, the light vocals flow freely like a river with an unrelenting current. Her voice is so strong that as it soars, the outside world fades away and all that’s left is you and the music.

Equally as powerful as her voice is the lyrics of “Room.” Liza Anne uses vivid imagery to describe this tragic situation. “Oh, because I saw, black as a night, ocean’s abyss of her in your eyes,” she sings in her dear voice.

Listen to this track and warm your bones with Liza Anne’s heartfelt pipes.


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