Maggie Rogers // Alaska


I am supremely excited to bring you Maggie Roger’s debut track “Alaska” and immediately you’ll be able to tell why. It’s so invigorating to come across a game changing artist like Maggie so early in her career.

It was so real watching her master class, where none other than Pharell was there to give feedback. She timidly told him how her heart was always in folk, banjos and all. This all changed when she had what she describes as a “spiritual experience” with dance music in Paris. Dance and folk fused in her mind, and this new musical muse consumed her. “I can’t stop writing now” she admits.

I love watching Pharell’s reaction to “Alaska,” because there is a moment where it seems like he (and I) seem to tear up. The sheer beauty of a song that just clicks so perfectly into every fibre of your soul can have that effect. Indeed, she has a rare and indelible gift that, like the Alaskan landscape, breathes a fresh, brisk beauty back into life. Enjoy!

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