[First Listen] Maya Payne // Breathe Again


Maya Payne’s new EP Release due March 5th is titled “the Lucky Ones,” which also serves as an appropriate and inadvertent description of anyone who runs across her music. She expressed to us that the EP represents (among other things) an adventure in writing new flavors of indie pop. “We Are the Wild” is a peppy, resolute anthem indicative of her 19 year old status, while “Breathe Again” is a totally different animal. And these are just two of the songs.

In my not-very-important opinion, “Breathe Again” cements her upward trajectory after the successes of “If Only.” With themes taken from an effort to reboot a fading relationship, it flips between low, ruminating verses and hopeful chorus. Each are marked with tremendous vocals, insanely likable synths and driven vox glitching. Maya Payne is by no means the only female occupying this sonic space, but as one of the more talented ones we are rooting for the New Zealander in 2016!

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