Maya Payne // Self Defined


Maya Payne and her tortoiseshell glasses are continuing their reign of pop with the off-centre “Self Defined.”

“Self Defined” is like the edgy version of a hit pop song but from an alternate timeline, boasting an intriguing progression of minor notes, twisted hooks, ominous synth riffs, and defiant words.

Speaking of the words, they got me thinking – everyone’s actions are influenced by a definition of themselves that they hold inside them. I blog, for example, because I consider myself a music lover. As an adolescent I was fixated on who created that definition, did I define myself or did my friends or family? I came to know that everyone has different tolerance for how much they allow others to co-create their own definition. In this singers case she claims to have completely created her self-definition. It’s so self-dependent it almost comes across as rebellious, and in a way you’ll find the rest of the song supports this idea. It’s a fun ride, enjoy!

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