Merry Indie Christmas 2015 // Playlist


Merry indie Christmas Trendsetters! Santa only knows that we are more excited for this season than the average adult…

So for those of you like minded Christmas lovers we have amassed a small playlist of indie Christmas tunes. I will be the first to admit that I have had my Christmas spirit kicked down a notch by a weird experimental nu-age contemporary electronic version of “Silent Night.” That is why I have hand selected this bunch of very excellent, non-experimental tunes for your enjoyment. This playlist features some fantastic artists that we have seen before here (Fortunate Ones, Lauren Mann, Pheonix, Pop Noir, Freedom Fry) and some (equally fantastic) ones that we haven’t (Best Friends, Canopy Climbers, Firewoodisland, Tipling Rock, Wylder). So light the yuletide log, gather ’round the fire with some hot cocoa, and enjoy!

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[As a side note, the Hunter Hunted song was made to raise awareness of the effects of global warming on Polar Bear populations, to learn more follow the links below]

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  1. I’m one of those people who loves listening to Christmas music all year round (call me crazy!) so stumbling upon this = awesome! Thanks!

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