Moglii & Novaa \\ Mother


Some of you may recognize Moglii for his remix of ANIMA!’s “Silver Screen”, but now he has joined forces with Novaa to make his own entrancing and spacey experimental electro-pop. They have crafted a sound that floats between Mura Masa and ANIMA! As those are some of my favorite artists, it’s fair to say that Moglii and Novaa have won my heart as a fan.

The surreal sounds that introduce the song really set them apart from most of the indie electronic music out there. They provide an experimental yet smooth and breezy feel that doesn’t necessarily require an acquired music taste. It’s a difficult task to create a song that includes elements of dance, experimentalism, and chill pop that still sounds good, and these guys are killing it! Hope you enjoy!

Moglii // Facebook    Novaa // Facebook

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