Mothica // No One (Kayge Calypso & DUNN Remix)


Hey traveler! Hopefully very soon you’ll be bumping and swaying to the wonderfully cut and altered version of Mothica’s “No One.” Many bland remixes come from sampling sub-par songs or from simply adding a few elements (without obvious innovation or reimagination). Kayge Calypso and DUNN’s sinfully entertaining remix suffers none of these follies. The vocal track rework into a bouncy line of small staccato samples is genius and easily the best part of the track. It seems to jump all over the place, but really this works for the songs benefit; it’s a unique risk that payed off as a catchy ground breaking line. The rest is a stripped down version, with tinkling chimes and simple chords backing up Mothica’s stand out vocals and intriguing lyrics.

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