MRGD \\ Skin Deep

MRGD is the moniker for Marged, a blossoming new, Welsh pop singer. MRGD came to be when she met her producer, SAKIMA. He sent her a produced track less than a day after hearing her voice, and they’ve been working on this project since.

Marged’s new single “Skin Deep” is a vulnerable tune that acts as a slap on the face to the popular belief that a woman is just a body. While talking to her, Marged told us “Women inspire me every day, and that’s what pushes me to write the music I do. The various oppressions we face in everyday life are things that I will discuss in my music for as long as I possibly can.” We hope that “Skin Deep” can be an inspiration for anyone out there who’s experiencing negativity for any reason. Hope you enjoy this bold new jam!

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