My Darling Fury // AOK

If you have thought up to this point that I’m a little too expressive when I say a song has textures (like some sort of baby-feel board book), now is the chance to see what I mean with My Darling Fury’s “AOK”.

Just close your eyes and pay real close attention to this song. Try to catch the complex rhythms, the twinkling triangles or fluttering synths behind the chorus. Enjoy as the strings come in subtly at first, then more prominent, and of course, the vocal backup bit at the end that gave me serious goosebumps. Feel as the tone subtly shifts so that when you finish the song it’s a few degrees away from the song you began with. I think by doing this you’ll appreciate My Darling Fury’s “AOK” far more than if you hadn’t.  You’ll also be able to really hear what a incredible few artists and sound engineers can be capable of: creating texture out of nothing but sound.

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