N-A-I-V-E-S \\ Fashion Pineapple [Video]


Marc and Lapo started the band known as N-A-I-V-E-S in 2013, and are back with their quirky, new single, “Fashion Pineapple”. The band name was derived from French naive artist Henri Rousseau, who painted jungles. The band told us that, “The main inspiration is the jungle. It may sound strange but that’s where you find the coolest sounds on earth.” With the jungle being a main influence, the band obviously has a fun sound.

“Fashion Pineapple” is a tropical, indie pop sensation. N-A-I-V-E-S sounds like the musical child of Matt & Kim and Beaty Heart. Their explosive, summery music and quirky vibe is perfection for any summer outing. Their other music is just as fantastic, so if you’re loving “Fashion Pineapple”, you need to check out the rest of their music!

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