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Coming back to indie music blogging after a few month’s hiatus has been amazing, but it comes with several thousand missed emails, and just as many new songs in a flurry (or more like a waterfall) of information. I feel the need to bring the best of what you and I may have missed, which as it turns out, feels like a lot of responsibility. I want my first few posts to be dynamite!

Enter On an On. This band has really captured my heart with their ability to portray powerful emotion with an eclectic bag of tricks. The legend goes that On an On is the amazing result of the break up of a three-years-dead band called Scattered Trees. Like many of the solo projects, new bands and brilliant amalgamations that come from tragic band break-ups, On an On proves that to build something beautiful, sometimes you need to break down existing structures.

If you like this, check out their full album, “And the Waves Have Two Sides.”


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