Ra Ra Riot // Water [ft. Rostam Batmanglij]


Ra Ra Riot is an undisputed pillar of indie music, an idol and a champion for the dreams of thousands of indie bands trying to reach legendary status, and a well of precious gems teeming with fans hoping for one thing – more music. They have also been silent (as far as new music goes) for over two years – but no more. As a prequel to their upcoming 2016 album, “Need Your Light,” comes the bombshell single “Water.” Co-written and produced by Rostam Batmanglij from Vampire Weekend, it has more talent in its first few chords than I do in my whole body. (And since it’s a collaboration between Wes and Rostam, could we just say this is a Discovery follow up?)

In “Water,” Wes sings about the refreshing feeling of taking off tight, sweaty clothes and diving into a cool body of water, perhaps not realizing that his anecdote is eerily analogous to actually listening to this song. It’s a near-flawless gem with a fantastic slow-mo video to boot. The fact is that Ra Ra Riot will be dominating my earspace for a good long while with this one, and I hope you , like me, count down the days to their album out 2/19/16.

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