Reddening West \\ Handful Of Dust


Reddening West is an authentic and powerful new folk band from Austin, Texas. The band searches to fulfill an intangible sound that we all have in our minds, and I would say that they’ve come pretty close to it. Thus far, their music has been recorded live, so you know that this band has some true talent!

“Handful Of Dust” is a lush piece of organic, folk bliss with a mesh of guitars, strings, and silky vocals, creating a dreamy soundscape. The song is a noninvasive way of reminding listeners not to hold on to the golden days of their past too much. While it might seem like the memories are the closest you’ll get to excitement, give equal opportunity to the here and now, and you’ll be surprised what can happen! Needless to say, Reddening West is a genuinely gifted and artistic band that has shown abundant promise with their new music. Enjoy!

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