RRAREBEAR // Velvet (ft. JABS)


Are you feeling the idea of a soothing meditative ambiance with the all too popular female alt-pop vocals woven through? So was I when I first heard “Velvet,” a coming-of-age themed collaboration between RRAREBEAR and JABS.

It’s a nice song to listen to after a hard day of work and being an adult has taken it’s usual toll. But the message here isn’t “kick back and drift off,” it’s that being an adult gives you the chance to make your own decisions – so go out and make some memorable ones!

As far as JABS go all I know is that she likes monochromatic Instagram posts and she has posted 19 songs produced by a festival lineup’s worth of producers. RRAREBEAR is a producer from the north east who’s instrumental works are best described as meditative balm for the ears. Low beats and spacey swells are his thing, and he does it so very well. Enjoy!

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