Sjowgren // Seventeen


Sjowgren as a band is indie music anomaly, a dream situation for every artist startup ever. Three friends from Bay Area California do the “our band is casual on and off again” thing. They decide to record a few demos one weekend, then, just because they could (literally “on a whim”) they post their music to SoundCloud. Thousands of plays later they put out a full blown single – Seventeen. Turns out, the aesthetes and demi-gods of the indie blogging world eat it up to the tune of hundreds of thousands of plays. All because they said lets upload our stuff, what’s the worse that could happen?

Unfair right?

Seventeen’s larger-than-life sound is an amalgamation of head-banging, grungy guitar juxtaposed by mellifluous, innocent-sounding female vocals and the occasional twinkling piano. Maybe it’s the youthful vibe, maybe it’s the way it can supercritical between laid back and upbeat, but “Seventeen” comes off as a tune for the halcyon days, a catalyst for the spontaneous, a soundtrack for the wanderlusting and the dreamers.

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Side Note: [Thanks to my friend Peter Mower, a man of prestigious amounts of indie cred, for introducing me to Sjowgren.]

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