SKOTT // Porcelain

The incredible vocalist Skott has an eyebrow raising backstory that makes her music just that much more legendary.

An off-the-grid commune populated by a tight nit community of traditional folk musicians raised her, far away from mainstream society. In fact the first time she heard modern music was when she left for the city in her teens. She hasn’t wasted any time in mastering the more contemporary world of music though.

Her vocals are obviously the first and most gravitational part of the song, and honestly it took me a few times through before I could really pay attention to anything else.  But the instrumental bed is very supportive, featuring marching drums, dramatic strings, heartbeat bass and a few subtle synths. Enjoy!


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  1. Any idea where the off-the-grid commune is? This seems like a pretty interesting story but I can’t find anything more about SKOTT other than this which is re-worded on each indie blog I’ve found!
    Really digging her sound! Just wondering where she’s from 🙂

    • Hey Kendra,
      Yeah she’s been pretty tight lipped about a lot of the smaller details, we are emailing her with some questions. We’ll see where that goes. Because her body artist is from Sweden she is thought to be from there too, but I think we may have to wait until that mystery is revealed later on.

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