Suede Arrow // All the Love I Give is in Vain


The internet is just flooded with music, and honestly it takes a lot of talent, grit and a bit of luck to get recognized. But every once in a while we stumble across artists like Suede Arrow. He’s totally unrecognized, with only 96 likes on Facebook, is seemingly allergic to capitol letters and has only a few basic photos to his moniker.

All that said, “all the love i give is in vain” is pretty remarkable. It has a very distinct sound with some admirably bold moves and a currently underrated synth vibe. I enjoy the almost ape-like vocal modulations that bring the song in, and I can really cozy into the lush, professional sounding bass. If you enjoy as well, show the guy some love on the socials, I’m sure he’d be grateful!

Suede Arrow // Facebook // Twitter

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