Tigertown // Lonely Cities EP

As someone preparing to move from Canada to the eternal heat of Arizona, this blistering EP from Tigertown is a welcome touch to my ever-brightening music library.

The band’s “Lonely Cities” EP weaves welcome suggestions of favourites like Foster the People and LCD soundsystem. The project also has the intense singularity and love of a familial bond going for it.  Husband-wife duo Chris (guitar) and Charlie Collins (lead vox + synth) are at the core, with Charlie’s brother Alexi (keys) and sister Elodie (bass) filling out the sonic space.

“Bullet From the Gun” wins my favourite track award, with it’s blaring synths co-existing with tender, sweet guitar and a fan-making energy with an edge. (Feel free to punch dance!)

Finally the video for their “Lonely Cities” shows a delightful artistic propensity. I love how the spit screen gives the characters a real sense of separation. It also gives the tragic “so close yet so far” moment a little more impact. Enjoy!

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