Total Warr – Feels Like Home (+Remixes)

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Why I like Total Warr – Feels Like Home (And all the Remixes)


I am a big fan of remixes and edits, as you may have previously surmised. They allow the greatness of one artist to be woven in and out and all around the greatness of another artist. Remixes are like looking at a song through the eyes of the one doing the remix.

Total Warr, an indie dream pop group from Paris, has done something I don’t see very often. They have made a “Feels like Home” EP, made up entirely of the original and three remixes. It reminds me of some of Bach’s pieces – he had a collection of 14 songs all made from the same basic melody. He would flip the melody upside down and all around to make many distinct pieces with the same musical theme. Total Warr’s remixes have the same effect – you get a totally different feel from each song.


Total Warr has a neat backstory. The two members, known by their nicknames as Kiki and Guigui, were both good friends in hardcore bands before forming Total Warr. As they visited Disneyland together with their girlfriends, they grew together musically and afterwards recorded their first EP.

If you don’t think that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, you need to listen to this EP first!




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