WDL \\ Cashmere (feat. Roads)


WDL still maintains an elusive persona with their jaw-dropping electronic masterpieces.

I found this artist when they dropped one of their first singles, “Hurricane Highlife” with Mawe, and they’ve been blowing me away since. They have an unworldly talent to create some of the most irresistible electronic music I’ve heard to date. The artist’s songs will haunt your mind, yet provide a soothing sensation. I can’t help but feel like WDL is the snake charmer, and I’m captivated by their other-worldly tunes. Whoever this musical brainchild is, they’re offering up some of the most stunning and hypnotizing songs in the electronic genre. Their newest offering, “Cashmere” featuring Roads, is yet another winning piece. I’m enthralled with this artist, and I hope you are too!

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