Woodlock // Sirens EP [Sampler]


A currently budding band calling themselves Woodlock very well could be the best thing you have heard all week! This Australian three member band has some truly unique things to contribute to the alt-rock genre. Sure, you have your booming Imagine Dragon-esque drums, echoing, polished vocals and pristine song crafting, but you also have apocalyptic guitar effects and throbbing, distorted bass that borders on the hypnotic call of the didgeridoo. It is an unparalleled mix, one you can jump on now and make fun of everyone who frantically tries to play catch up later.

Woodlock’s “Sirens EP” is a sight to hear. It is a study in eloquence, innovation, and charm. “Build a Kingdom” is a militant alt-rock anthem with endless listenability. “The Garden” has the single most beautiful use of dissonance that I have heard in a modern alt-rock song (right after the 1:30 mark). And “Sirens” of course is a insouciant, easy on the ears epic that builds up to a soft crescendo. Better to listen than to read, in this case. Enjoy!

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A huge thanks goes to Maks Popkiewicz of Beech Music for introducing me to this band. Check out his new blog for some more great music!

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